Ioana Stoian is a British-born paper artist.

After a five year decorative painting apprenticeship in France during which she attended the prestigious Ecole Van der Kelen, Ioana’s attraction to hands-on learning led her to travel to Japan. There she discovered the art of paper folding, which inspired her to create her own designs and publish her first book Origami for All: Elegant Designs from Simple Folds. Manipulating sheets of paper, Ioana became interested in the medium itself and after learning from master papermakers now creates her own paper for her artistic endeavours.

Since becoming a mother in 2017, Ioana has developed a deep interest in respectful parenting philosophies, in particular the work of child specialist Magda Gerber. She dreams of a future where each and everyone of us can be our true selves.

Ioana is currently based in Minneapolis [USA]. She is the author of Origami For All: Elegant Designs from Simple FoldsThe Origami Garden and Always be You, her debut children’s book.