Installation for Salon RĂ©sonances

As usual the end of the year has approached at grande vitesse, time really does seem to fly!

One of the highlights of 2012 was participating in the Salon RĂ©sonances in Strasbourg. My partner, Eric Gjerde, and I were guests of honour at this wonderful art/artisan event which attracted over 16000 people in four days. Our collaborative piece received great attention with children and adults looking in disbelief at the 25m long installation exhibited in the center of the main hall.

This paper installation was based on one of Eric’s elaborate origami tessellations, however this is the first time we’ve taken one of his designs to such huge dimensions. Together, we folded this organic creation: 42 meters of paper containing over 19000 folds and 3km of creases! I think this may even be the largest piece of origami ever folded.

As you can imagine, many hours, days, and months of intense concentration were necessary in producing this creation. We both enjoyed working on such a huge scale and welcome large installation opportunities in the UK and abroad.

The lovely black and whte photos were taken by our friend Peak who came by to offer her support. She is a Strasbourg-based photographer from Los Angeles.