Always be You – my first board book

Always be You Ioana Stoian


Here’s some exciting news – I’m publishing my first board book in November!

I have to admit, before becoming a parent I paid little to no attention to children’s books, especially those aimed at under-fives. Today however I have read my fair share of board books and have spent huge amounts of time wondering about the messages we’re sending to our children.

So, I decided to make my own and it’s no ordinary board book, I like to think of it as an artwork I’m sharing with the world ;-) The entire 18 page book is made from my handmade paper! Each and every page was created using beautiful, hand made, hand-dyed paper. The amazing illustrations were created by Dawn M. Cardona, an extremely talented illustrator who works primarily with paper and who also happens to be a full time mother and artist. The text was laser cut by my wonderful husband and then each and every letter was hand glued by moi-même! Once everything was complete, the pages were scanned, some magic done on a computer or two (not by me as I’m computer illiterate for the most part), files sent to Sachsendruck, a German printing company specialising in high quality children’s books and voilà, I am now awaiting to see the final results in person.

Always be You will be released on November 5th 2019 – exactly 9 months after first being conceived. It is currently available for pre-order directly from my U.K. distributor Central Books, my North American distributor Itasca Books, AmazonThe Book Depository (which has free international shipping) and most other places books are sold.