Always be You – the entire book read by me!

The end of the year is often a time for reflection. We think about the past – what we have accomplished (or haven’t accomplished) during the past twelve months. We also think about the future – what we intend on accomplishing during the next year.

Whilst thinking about the past and the future are natural, they are often out of our control and have a tendency to lead to a whole load of extra stress. I believe that it is much more important (and constructive) to reflect upon the ‘now’, as this is within our control. Who am I now? What am I doing now? What do I want now? What am I feeling now?… Being fully present and in the moment opens our eyes to the world around us and most importantly it allows us to see ourselves for who we are.

It is precisely the question “what do I want now?”, that I asked myself at the beginning of 2019. Our son was nearly two years old and I was thinking about what kind of life I wanted for him. That is the story of how my debut children’s book came to be. In publishing this book my mission is to help us to remember to be  present, to be ourselves and to allow others to be themselves too.