Collaboration with a fashion designer

I love the way the internet facilitates communication and enables us to meet like-minded, interesting people. I’m almost always up for a challenge and thoroughly enjoy collaborations with other artists – adapting my skills and techniques is great mental stimulation!

Earlier this year I was contacted by Ornella Gallo di Fortuna, an Italian fashion designer based in London. She needed a touch of origami inspiration for her 2013 millinery collection origami romance, and I was available to help. I folded the different pieces out of my hand-made paper first and then out of a variety of different fabrics that had been prepared with a stiffening agent. To keep the creases nice and crisp I found that the best solution was to iron each and every fold.

This was a fun project and I am very honoured to have contributed to some of these beautiful compositions. Here are a few of my favourite images, but many more are visible on the links above.