Interior Colour Scheme

Redecorating a room can be a rather stressful ordeal for some people. Trying to fit in with new trends, thinking of new colours to match old furniture, choosing new material for a much-loved sofa; these are situations that arise frequently.

Fortunately for me, I enjoy finding solutions to such problems and take great pleasure in offering my advice to my clients. I follow my intuition and visualise colour schemes almost instantaneously when entering a room.  I do not read magazines or watch television programmes for ideas; nature is my only source of inspiration.

This room hadn’t been repainted in over 20 years and had been subjected to many years of smoke. The nicotine stains were incredibly visible and made this space appear dirty and unkempt.

A combination of sienna, yellow ochre and white bring warmth to the walls and a slight off-white brightens the ceiling. As the walls were kept rather neutral, I chose fabric with a floral pattern to add some extra colour.