Spirit Fox & Heart

I would like to thank everyone for the unexpected positive feedback I received after posting Vespertilio, my pleated paper bat.

The art of paper folding- origami- is often associated with a square piece of paper that is folded without adding any cuts. This is only a recent development; the traditional Japanese art form included various shapes of paper which often contained incisions.

In my own paper models, I am removing the boundaries of working within a square, widening the limits of different shapes and sizes. I am also trying to keep the finished model as simple as possible without adding superfluous creases. This is often more challenging than one may expect.

These two paper models are made from the same square sheet of paper. Similar to Vespertilio, they involve simple radial pleats, a theme I am continually exploring. Both creations can be made from any type of paper. For the fox, it helps if the paper is slightly transparent when backlit or put close to a window so that the facial expression is visible.

I believe that if something is simple enough, it does not require words- therefore my diagrams contain only images. The following PDF document below contains a set of photo instructions of how to fold my two models if you would like to give them a try.

Fox_and_Heart-Ioana_Stoian-2012 (PDF)